1. 04 Jan, 2021 4 commits
    • Ismael Asensio's avatar
      kcm/kwinrules: Restore method textOfValue() · 247d9c38
      Ismael Asensio authored
      This convenience invokable method was removed in 66ee8985
      by mistake, since it's still used in RulesEditor.qml
      While at it, optimize arguments to const &
    • Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar
      autotests: Convert testScreens into an integration test · 93194a67
      Vlad Zahorodnii authored
      At the moment, the Screens class is convoluted with ifdefs because of
      The goal of this change is to reduce the number of usages of the
      MockScreens class so it is possible to get rid of the ifdefs.
    • Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar
      Remove Findepoxy.cmake · c324cd14
      Vlad Zahorodnii authored
      It's in extra-cmake-modules now.
    • Michael Tunnell's avatar
      Apply Initially as default value of new Properties · 5193658a
      Michael Tunnell authored
      Change the default value from "Do Not Affect" to "Apply Initially" when
      adding new properties in Window Rules.
      REASON: prior "Do Not Affect" as default and occasionally I forget to
      change the setting to something else when adding new properties.
      Unfortunately, this means I forget to do it and so it isn't saved when
      I close the window. I will then go back in to change it to Apply Initially
      or in some cases have to add the new property again as it wasn't saved in
      the set.
      I think if Apply Initially were to be the default it would be an easier
      and faster experience to add new properties.
  2. 03 Jan, 2021 2 commits
  3. 31 Dec, 2020 3 commits
  4. 29 Dec, 2020 2 commits
  5. 21 Dec, 2020 8 commits
  6. 20 Dec, 2020 1 commit
    • Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar
      Avoid destroying yet alive color devices · d70e6c2c
      Vlad Zahorodnii authored
      This is a typo that I forgot to fix, therefore not requesting code
      review. After QVector::erase() has been called, we cannot use the
      iterator as it will lead to undefined behavior.
  7. 18 Dec, 2020 1 commit
  8. 17 Dec, 2020 8 commits
  9. 16 Dec, 2020 3 commits
  10. 15 Dec, 2020 4 commits
    • Xaver Hugl's avatar
      Fix login modeset · 2da1b321
      Xaver Hugl authored
    • Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar
      Remove COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS · c7fb0160
      Vlad Zahorodnii authored
      All find modules contain license information, which renders
      COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS redundant.
      The reason why we have this file in the first place is purely
      historical. Back in the kde-workspace repo days, not all find
      modules contained the license under which they're distributed.
    • David Edmundson's avatar
      Introduce helper to restart kwin on crash exit · 86c60665
      David Edmundson authored
      Right now when kwin exits, the user is taken directly back to the login
      screen. The login session exits, so all processes then are killed by the
      This patchset introduces a mechanism to safely restart kwin. The socket
      (typically wayland-0) remains alive and persistent across restarts. This
      means if any process reconnects through it's own mechanism or a crash
      restart handler the socket appears to work, and blocks until the new
      kwin restarts.
      This makes it secure and race free.
      If the screen was locked at the time kwin went down, this is also
      secure. Kwin now checks the status from logind at the time of launch, so
      will immediately restore a locked state before any other rendering.
    • David Edmundson's avatar
      Move m_display construction to the constructor · bac9d554
      David Edmundson authored
      We will always create one, this resolves potential to call a getter on a null object.
      Requires some code shuffling.
  11. 14 Dec, 2020 3 commits
  12. 13 Dec, 2020 1 commit
    • Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar
      Introduce ColorManager component · 64ad9a61
      Vlad Zahorodnii authored
      This change introduces a new component - ColorManager that is
      responsible for color management stuff.
      At the moment, it's very naive. It is useful only for updating gamma
      ramps. But in the future, it will be extended with more CMS-related
      The ColorManager depends on lcms2 library. This is an optional
      dependency. If lcms2 is not installed, the color manager won't be built.
      This also fixes the issue where colord and nightcolor overwrite each
      other's gamma ramps. With this change, the ColorManager will resolve the
      conflict between two.