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kcms/rules: Change opacity defaults to 100%

Ismael Asensio requested to merge work/iasensio/rules-opacity-100 into master

This has the benefit of providing a saner default for the values of opacityActive and opacityInactive rule properties, both in the UI and when reading the config.


The side effect is the same we have when changing default values: if someone would have set a rule with some opacity to 0%, it will be read as 100% next time kwin starts.

In this case it is a small price, as it is always easier to change it back when the windows are visible that restoring it when they're not, specially if it wasn't voluntary (And moreover in the transition to Plasma6)

Warning: If you set some rule with this value at 100%, you need to restart kwin so the actual Rules code also uses the new default

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