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[virtualkeyboard] Fix the qtvirtualkeyboard with Qt 5.15

On 5.15, the VirtualKeyboard did not have a correct z-order which caused
the virtualkeyboard to hide as soon as key was pressed, upon
investigation it seems that upstream Qt changed behavior in following

Now when desktop-integration is used (i.e non-application embedded mode)
one need to set property desktopPanel to true so that it have correct
z-ordering and does not miss input events.

This is used in Component.onCompleted to avoid breaking it for the Qt
5.14.x qtvirtualkeyboard. When we switch to 5.15 property assignment can
be moved to InputPanel declaration.
parent 5463a542
......@@ -62,4 +62,11 @@ Item {
// this property assignment is done here to not break 5.14.x qtvirtualkeyboard
// TODO: Move it to InputPanel when we depend on 5.15
Component.onCompleted: {
if (inputPanel.hasOwnProperty("desktopPanel")) {
inputPanel.desktopPanel = true;
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