Commit af3fbf34 authored by Roman Gilg's avatar Roman Gilg
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Remove buffer flip pending assert for now

The assert is still not always true.

BUG: 415750
parent d3cbacd4
......@@ -689,9 +689,11 @@ void Compositor::performCompositing()
// Start the actual painting process.
m_timerOffset = m_scene->paint(repaints, windows) / 1000 / 1000;
// TODO: This assert is still not always true for some reason. Happens on X11 and Wayland (see
// also BUG 415750).
// Either the backend will provide a swap event and a buffer swap is pending now or there is no
// pending buffer swap and by that no swap event received later on for the current paint call.
Q_ASSERT(m_scene->hasSwapEvent() ^ !m_bufferSwapPending);
// Q_ASSERT(m_scene->hasSwapEvent() ^ !m_bufferSwapPending);
if (m_framesToTestForSafety > 0) {
if (m_scene->compositingType() & OpenGLCompositing) {
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