Commit c3abe87f authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii

Document AbstractClient::minSize() and AbstractClient::maxSize()

Clarify that AbstractClient::minSize() and AbstractClient::maxSize()
specify the minimum and the maximum client size.

Reviewers: #kwin, davidedmundson

Reviewed By: #kwin, davidedmundson

Subscribers: kwin

Tags: #kwin

Differential Revision:
parent a75fb7f8
......@@ -719,11 +719,17 @@ void AbstractClient::keepInArea(QRect area, bool partial)
move(tx, ty);
* Returns the maximum client size, not the maximum frame size.
QSize AbstractClient::maxSize() const
return rules()->checkMaxSize(QSize(INT_MAX, INT_MAX));
* Returns the minimum client size, not the minimum frame size.
QSize AbstractClient::minSize() const
return rules()->checkMinSize(QSize(0, 0));
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