Commit d82ffa5a authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid
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Fix refresh rate reported for my laptop monitor

kscreen was reporting 120Hz for some modes while xrandr and the manufacturer agree it's
60Hz only so i got inspired by the
   static double mode_refresh (const XRRModeInfo *mode_info)
function in xrandr and now kscreen reports 60Hz for all the modes

(cherry picked from commit 10ef0d4d)
parent 936ed91a
......@@ -28,7 +28,20 @@ XRandRMode::XRandRMode(const xcb_randr_mode_info_t &modeInfo, XRandROutput *outp
// m_name = QString::fromUtf8(modeInfo->name);
m_size = QSize(modeInfo.width, modeInfo.height);
m_refreshRate = (float)modeInfo.dot_clock / ((float)modeInfo.htotal * (float)modeInfo.vtotal);
double vTotal = modeInfo.vtotal;
if (modeInfo.mode_flags & XCB_RANDR_MODE_FLAG_DOUBLE_SCAN) {
/* doublescan doubles the number of lines */
vTotal *= 2;
if (modeInfo.mode_flags & XCB_RANDR_MODE_FLAG_INTERLACE) {
/* interlace splits the frame into two fields */
/* the field rate is what is typically reported by monitors */
vTotal /= 2;
m_refreshRate = (float)modeInfo.dot_clock / ((float)modeInfo.htotal * vTotal);
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