Commit 2bafd157 authored by David Edmundson's avatar David Edmundson

Update unit test to match scaling

Scaling wasn't implemented before, so the test passed despite being
technically wrong.

Test Plan: Passes

Reviewers: #plasma

Subscribers: plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent de8484b2
......@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@ void testScreenConfig::multiOutput()
QCOMPARE(output->type(), Output::HDMI);
QCOMPARE(output->modes().count(), 4);
QCOMPARE(output->pos(), QPoint(1280, 0));
QCOMPARE(output->geometry(), QRect(1280, 0, 1920, 1080));
QCOMPARE(output->geometry(), QRect(1280, 0, 1920 / 1.4, 1080 / 1.4));
QCOMPARE(output->currentModeId(), QLatin1String("4"));
QCOMPARE(output->preferredModeId(), QLatin1String("4"));
QCOMPARE(output->rotation(), Output::None);
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