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docs: add contributing guide

This adds a document providing information on how to contribute to libkscreen
and additionally a minimal readme file pointing to it.

The contributing guide is the analogous to a newly added one in KScreen.

It includes clarifications about the used coding style and introduces a Commit
Message Guideline based on the KDE Commit Policy and the Conventional Commits

Reviewers: #plasma

Subscribers: davidedmundson, plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

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# Contributing to libkscreen
- [Code of Conduct](#code-of-conduct)
- [Submission Guideline](#submission-guideline)
- [Commit Message Guideline](#commit-message-guideline)
- [Contact](#contact)
## Code of Conduct
The [KDE Community Code of Conduct][kde-coc] is applied.
You can reach out to the [Commmunity Working Group][community-working-group] if you have questions about the Code of Conduct or if you want to get help on solving an issue with another contributor or maintainer.
## Submission Guideline
The project follows the [Frameworks Coding Style][frameworks-style].
All non-trivial patches need to go through [Phabricator reviews][phab-reviews].
Commits are applied directly on top of master or a bug-fix branch and without merge commits. Larger changes must be split up into smaller logical commits each with a separate review. These reviews must be marked with Phabricator's online tools as dependent on each other.
libkscreen is released as part of Plasma. See the [Plasma schedule][plasma-schedule] for information on when the next new major version is released from master branch or a minor release with changes from one of the bug-fix branches.
## Commit Message Guideline
Besides the [KDE Commit Policy][commit-policy] the [Conventional Commits 1.0.0-beta.4][conventional-commits] specification is applied with the following amendments:
* Only the following types are allowed:
* build: changes to the CMake build system, dependencies or other build-related tooling
* docs: documentation only changes to overall project or code
* feat: new feature
* fix: bug fix
* perf: performance improvement
* refactor: rewrite of code logic that neither fixes a bug nor adds a feature
* style: improvements to code style without logic change
* test: addition of a new test or correction of an existing one
* Only the following optional scopes are allowed:
* api
* kwayland
* qscreen
* randr
* Angular's [Revert][angular-revert] and [Subject][angular-subject] policies are applied.
* Breaking changes are supposed to be pointed out only in prose in the commit body.
* When a commit closes a bug on [Bugzilla][bugzilla] or when the commit has an associated Phabricator review special keywords must be used in the commit body to link the respective bug or review. See [here][commit-policy-keywords] for more information on these and other possible keywords. [Arcanist][arcanist] should be used for automating usage of the review keyword.
Commits deliberately ignoring this guideline will be reverted.
### Example
fix(api): provide correct return value
For function exampleFunction the return value was incorrect.
Instead provide the correct value A by changing B to C.
BUG: <bug-number>
Differential Revision:<review-number>
## Contact
Real-time communication about the project happens on the IRC channel `#plasma` on freenode and the bridged Matrix room ``.
Emails about the project can be sent to the [plasma-devel][plasma-devel] mailing list.
# libkscreen
libkscreen is the screen management library for KDE Plasma Workspaces. Its primary consumer is the KDE screen management application KScreen.
libkscreen is part of [Plasma releases][plasma-releases].
## End user
Since this is a development library end users should instead look for support directly for the apps using this library. Please contact the support channels of your Linux distribution first. In case you find a bug in KScreen or if the bug is traced back to libkscreen, you can report it at the KDE [bug tracker][bug-tracker] (first look for duplicates).
## Contributing
See the `` file.
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