Commit 311faef0 authored by Fabian Vogt's avatar Fabian Vogt
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Handle process parent changes in ProcessDataModel

When the PPID of a process changes, it moves around in the model, changing the
layout. This needs to be announced properly, otherwise users of the model get
confused, leading to weird behaviour and crashes.

The added code is pretty much a direct copy from ProcessModel.

BUG: 446534

(cherry picked from commit a0d70929)
parent 044f150c
......@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@ public:
Private(ProcessDataModel *q);
void beginInsertRow(KSysGuard::Process *parent);
void endInsertRow();
void beginMoveProcess(KSysGuard::Process *process, KSysGuard::Process *new_parent);
void endMoveProcess();
void beginRemoveRow(KSysGuard::Process *process);
void endRemoveRow();
......@@ -65,6 +67,12 @@ ProcessDataModel::Private::Private(ProcessDataModel *_q)
connect(m_processes.get(), &KSysGuard::Processes::endAddProcess, q, [this]() {
connect(m_processes.get(), &KSysGuard::Processes::beginMoveProcess, q, [this](KSysGuard::Process *process, KSysGuard::Process *new_parent) {
beginMoveProcess(process, new_parent);
connect(m_processes.get(), &KSysGuard::Processes::endMoveProcess, q, [this]() {
connect(m_processes.get(), &KSysGuard::Processes::beginRemoveProcess, q, [this](KSysGuard::Process *process) {
......@@ -335,6 +343,27 @@ void ProcessDataModel::Private::endRemoveRow()
void ProcessDataModel::Private::beginMoveProcess(KSysGuard::Process *process, KSysGuard::Process *new_parent)
if (m_flatList)
return; // We don't need to move processes when in simple mode
int current_row = process->parent()->children().indexOf(process);
Q_ASSERT(current_row != -1);
int new_row = new_parent->children().count();
QModelIndex sourceParent = getQModelIndex(process->parent(), 0);
QModelIndex destinationParent = getQModelIndex(new_parent, 0);
q->beginMoveRows(sourceParent, current_row, current_row, destinationParent, new_row);
void ProcessDataModel::Private::endMoveProcess()
if (m_flatList)
return; // We don't need to move processes when in simple mode
void ProcessDataModel::Private::update()
Processes::UpdateFlags flags;
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