Commit 6e8550c8 authored by David Redondo's avatar David Redondo 🏎
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Always emit sensorMetaDataChanged() when receiving a metaData update

Otherwise listerners that listen to that signal but not dataChanged might miss the update.
parent 39aa0184
......@@ -364,6 +364,7 @@ void SensorDataModel::onMetaDataChanged(const QString &sensorId, const SensorInf
if (d->sensorInfos.contains(sensorId)) {
d->sensorInfos[sensorId] = info;
Q_EMIT dataChanged(index(0, column), index(0, column), {Qt::DisplayRole, Name, ShortName, Description, Unit, Minimum, Maximum, Type, FormattedValue});
Q_EMIT sensorMetaDataChanged();
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