Commit a5db29c6 authored by Arjen Hiemstra's avatar Arjen Hiemstra
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SensorDataModel: Do not insert columns that are out of range

It may happen that the metadata for a later column arrives before an
earlier one. In that case, we call beginInsertColumns with an out of
range column index.

This was verified to fix the the issue (and it still preserves the
correct order) by scrambling the metadata requests in `sensorsChanged()`
using std::shuffle and having the autotest still pass.

BUG: 433064

(cherry picked from commit b64edc57)
parent 77e7b53c
......@@ -400,6 +400,12 @@ void SensorDataModel::onMetaDataChanged(const QString &sensorId, const SensorInf
// Otherwise, it's a new sensor that was added
// Ensure we do not insert columns that are out of range.
while (d->sensorInfos.count() + 1 <= column && column > 0) {
beginInsertColumns(QModelIndex{}, column, column);
d->sensorInfos[sensorId] = info;
d->sensorData[sensorId] = QVariant{};
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