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Document process_data_model properties

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......@@ -42,9 +42,31 @@ class Q_DECL_EXPORT ProcessDataModel : public QAbstractItemModel
* A list of ids of all available attributes.
Q_PROPERTY(QStringList availableAttributes READ availableAttributes CONSTANT)
* A list of attributes that should be displayed by this model.
* Each attribute will correspond to a column, assuming the attribute exists.
* \property availableAttributes provides a list of all attributes that are
* available.
* By default, this is empty and thus nothing will be shown.
Q_PROPERTY(QStringList enabledAttributes READ enabledAttributes WRITE setEnabledAttributes NOTIFY enabledAttributesChanged)
* Provides an instance of a model that lists all available attributes for this model.
* It provides extra information on top of the list of ids in availableAttributes.
* \sa ProcessAttributeModel
Q_PROPERTY(QAbstractItemModel *attributesModel READ attributesModel CONSTANT)
* Should this model be updated or not. Defaults to true.
Q_PROPERTY(bool enabled READ enabled WRITE setEnabled NOTIFY enabledChanged)
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