Commit 828e94f5 authored by Ruslan Kabatsayev's avatar Ruslan Kabatsayev
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Resize combobox list when ypad has been tweaked

parent 43cd31b8
......@@ -387,12 +387,23 @@ namespace Oxygen
if( Gtk::gtk_combobox_is_tree_view(widget) && resizedAnything )
if( Gtk::gtk_combobox_is_tree_view(widget) )
// TODO: resize combobox list
// Resize combobox list
// NOTE: there are some corner cases, like the list
// being above the button; the list being too high so
// it's scrolled, etc. - these must be taken into account
// it's scrolled, etc. - these must be taken into account; currently they are not
GtkRequisition req;
int w,h;
GtkWidget* window=gtk_widget_get_parent(gtk_widget_get_parent(widget));
// What height should be set
// What size is actually set
return TRUE;
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