Commit 2dfb48a5 authored by Henrik Fehlauer's avatar Henrik Fehlauer

Fix indentation of icon for left aligned toolbuttons

Gwenview's {nav Operations} sidebar uses custom `QToolButtons` which are
wide and left aligned. Special support for this in Oxygen was added with
b3394269. However, compared to the KDE4 version there is not enough space
between the left button border and the icon (Screenshots from the
matching Diff for Breeze, see D9281):


This is fixed by adding the appropriate margin:


Note how this replicates exactly the spacing of the toolbuttons in the
regular toolbar on the top (which had its icon size set to "small" in
this screenshot).

CCBUG: 381535

Test Plan:
Icons on toolbuttons in Gwenview's {nav Operations} sidebar no longer
squished all the way to the left, text spacing still looking good.

Reviewers: hpereiradacosta

Subscribers: ngraham, plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent 8a38d240
......@@ -4910,7 +4910,10 @@ namespace Oxygen
const bool leftAlign( widget && widget->property( PropertyNames::toolButtonAlignment ).toInt() == Qt::AlignLeft );
if( leftAlign ) iconRect = QRect( QPoint( rect.left(), + (rect.height() - iconSize.height())/2 ), iconSize );
if( leftAlign ) {
const int marginWidth( Metrics::Button_MarginWidth + Metrics::Frame_FrameWidth + 1 );
iconRect = QRect( QPoint( rect.left() + marginWidth, + (rect.height() - iconSize.height())/2 ), iconSize );
else {
const int contentsWidth( iconSize.width() + textSize.width() + Metrics::ToolButton_ItemSpacing );
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