Commit 39dd1bed authored by Hugo Pereira Da Costa's avatar Hugo Pereira Da Costa

do not use flat buttons for style and color theme chooser. This is non-standard.

parent a41f44ad
......@@ -84,12 +84,10 @@ namespace Oxygen
WidgetStyleChooser *styleChooser = new WidgetStyleChooser(this);
styleChooser->setFlat( true );
styleChooser->createStyleSelectionMenu( i18n( "Style" ) );
buttonBox->addButton( styleChooser, QDialogButtonBox::ResetRole );
ColorSchemeChooser *colChooser = new ColorSchemeChooser( this );
colChooser->setFlat( true );
buttonBox->addButton( colChooser, QDialogButtonBox::ResetRole );
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