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GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)

parent ffa36019
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
"message": "Integración del restolador con Plasma"
"general_error_host_disconnected_title": {
"message": "L'agospiu nativu desconeutóse inesperadamente."
"message": "L'agospiu nativu desconectóse inesperadamente."
"general_error_not_supported_os": {
"message": "Esta estensión namás se sofita en GNU/Linux y FreeBSD."
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
"message": "Asegúrate de que'l paquete «plasma-browser-integration» ta instaláu correutamente y tas executando Plasma 5.13 o mayor."
"general_error_startup_failed_title": {
"message": "Fallu al coneutar col agospiu nativu."
"message": "Fallu al conectar col agospiu nativu."
"general_error_startup_failed_wiki_link": {
"message": "Visita la páxina wiki del proyeutu pa más información"
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
"message": "Systema operative non supportate"
"general_error_startup_failed": {
"message": "Make sure the 'plasma-browser-integration' package is installed correctly and that you are running Plasma 5.13 or later."
"message": "Assecura te que le pachetto 'plasma-browser-integration' es installate correctemente e que tu es executante Plasma 5.13 o plus recente."
"general_error_startup_failed_title": {
"message": "Il falleva a connecter al hospite native."
......@@ -39,19 +39,19 @@
"message": "Aperi via KDE Connect"
"options_about_bugs": {
"message": "If you find an issue, please check the <a href=\"$1\">list of open bugs</a> and then <a href=\"$2\">file a bug report</a>."
"message": "Si tu ha un problema. pro favor verifica le lista <a href=\"$1\"> dd bugs aperite</a> e postea invia un reporto de bug <a href=\"$2\"></a>."
"options_about_changelog_link": {
"message": "View Changelog"
"message": "Vide Changelog (i.e. le registro de cambiamentos)"
"options_about_copyright": {
"message": "© 2017-2020 Kai Uwe Broulik e David Edmundson"
"options_about_created_by_kde": {
"message": "This browser extension was created by the <a href=\"$1\">KDE Community</a>. You can find more information about this project on the <a href=\"$2\">KDE Community Wiki</a>."
"message": "Iste extension denavigator esseva create per le <a href=\"$1\">Communitate de KDE (KDE Community)</a>. Tu pote trovar altere information re iste projecto sur le <a href=\"$2\">KDE Community Wiki</a>."
"options_about_donate": {
"message": "If you like what you saw, please consider <a href=\"$1\">donating to KDE</a>, so we can continue to make the best free software possible."
"message": "Si a te place lo que tu vide, pro favor considera <a href=\"$1\">donar a KDE</a>, assi que nos pote cntinuar a facer le melior software libere possibile."
"options_about_extension_version": {
"message": "Extension version: $1"
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@
"message": "KDE es un rete mundial de ingenieros del software, artistas, scriptores, traductores e facilitatores qui es devote al disveloppamento de <a href=\"$1\">Free Software (Software libere)</a>. Iste communitate ha create cento e cento de applicationes como parte de le Frameworks (structuras) de KDE, spatios de labor e applicationes. KDE es un interprisa cooperative in le qual necun singule entitate controla le effortios o le producto de KDE per excluder alteres. Omne persona es benvenite per <a href=\"$2\"> affiliar se e contribuer</a> a KDE, includente te. Tu visita <a href=\"$3\">$3</a> pro ulterior information super le communitate de KDE e le software que nos produce."
"options_about_license": {
"message": "License: <a href=\"$1\">GNU General Public License Version 3</a>"
"message": "Licentia: <a href=\"$1\">GNU General Public License Version 3</a>"
"options_about_translated_by": {
"message": "Traducite per: $1"
......@@ -75,13 +75,13 @@
"message": "Plasma Search"
"options_not_supported_os": {
"message": "This extension is not supported on this operating system."
"message": "Iste extension non es supportate sur iste systema operative. "
"options_plugin_breezeScrollBars_description": {
"message": "This may interfere with the appearance of websites that already apply a custom styling to their scroll bars."
"message": "Iste pote interfere con le apparentia de sitos web que ja applica un styling personalisate a lo barra de rolar."
"options_plugin_breezeScrollBars_title": {
"message": "Use Breeze-style scroll bars"
"message": "Usa barras de rolar de stilo Breeze"
"options_plugin_downloads_addToRecentDocuments": {
"message": "Adde files discargate al documentos recente"
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@
"message": "Salveguarda URL unde un file esseva discargate in le attributos del file"
"options_plugin_downloads_saveOriginUrl_description": {
"message": "Note: The URL may contain sensitive information that could be disclosed when the file is accessible by or shared with others"
"message": "Nota: le URL pote continer information sensibile que poterea esser revelate quando le file es accessite per o compartite con alteres."
"options_plugin_downloads_title": {
"message": "Monstrar discargamentos in area de notification"
......@@ -102,16 +102,16 @@
"message": "Search through browser history"
"options_plugin_kdeconnect_description": {
"message": "Adds a context menu entry to links enabling you to send them to your phone and other paired devices using <a href=\"$1\">KDE Connect</a>."
"message": "Adde un entrata de menu de contexto a ligamines habilitante te a inviar los a tu telephono e altere dispositivos associate usante <a href=\"$1\">KDE Connect</a>."
"options_plugin_kdeconnect_title": {
"message": "Invia via KDE Connect"
"options_plugin_mpris_description": {
"message": "Lets you control video and audio players in websites using the Media Controller plasmoid."
"message": "Te permitte controlar reproductores video e audio in sitos web que usa le plasmoid Media Controller (Controlator de multimedia)."
"options_plugin_mpris_media_sessions_description": {
"message": "Extract metadata and thumbnails of currently playing content."
"message": "Extrahe metadatos e miniaturas del contento currentemente reproducente."
"options_plugin_mpris_media_sessions_title": {
"message": "Controlos de Multimedia intensificate"
......@@ -120,16 +120,16 @@
"message": "Controlos de Multimedia"
"options_plugin_purpose_description": {
"message": "Adds a \"Share...\" context menu entry and allows websites to open a dialog for sharing contents using the Web Share API."
"message": "Adde un entrata de menu de contexto \"Compartir..\" e permitte que sitos web aperi un dialogo per compartir contentos usante le Web Share API."
"options_plugin_purpose_title": {
"message": "Compartecipar de contento"
"options_plugin_tabsrunner_description": {
"message": "Make sure the “Browser Tabs” module is enabled in <a id=\"$1\" href=\"$2\">Plasma Search settings</a>."
"message": "Assecura te que le modulo “Browser Tabs” (Schedas de Navigator) es activate in <a id=\"$1\" href=\"$2\">Preferentias de cerca de Plasma</a>."
"options_plugin_tabsrunner_title": {
"message": "Find browser tabs in “Run Command” window"
"message": "Trova schedas de navigator in fenestra de \"Executa commando\""
"options_save_failed": {
"message": "Il falleva salveguardar preferentias"
......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@
"message": "Falleva compartir"
"purpose_share_finished_text": {
"message": "The shared content link ($1) has been copied to the clipboard."
"message": "Le ligamine de contento compartite ($1) ha essite copiate in le area de transferentia."
"purpose_share_finished_title": {
"message": "Contento compartite"
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@
"message": "Luigi Toscano"
"options_heading_krunner": {
"message": "Plasma Search"
"message": "Ricerca di Plasma"
"options_not_supported_os": {
"message": "L'estensione non è supportata su questo sistema operativo."
......@@ -96,10 +96,10 @@
"message": "Mostra gli scaricamenti nell'area di notifica"
"options_plugin_historyrunner_description": {
"message": "This feature might need <a id=\"$1\" href=\"$2\">additional permissions</a> to be used."
"message": "Questa funzione potrebbe richiedere dei <a id=\"$1\" href=\"$2\">permessi aggiuntivi</a> per essere usata."
"options_plugin_historyrunner_title": {
"message": "Search through browser history"
"message": "Cerca nella cronologia del browser"
"options_plugin_kdeconnect_description": {
"message": "Aggiunge una voce al menu contestuale dei collegamenti che permette di inviarli al telefono o ad altri dispositivi associati tramite <a href=\"$1\">KDE Connect</a>."
......@@ -147,22 +147,22 @@
"message": "Impostazioni dell'integrazione con Plasma"
"permission_request_already": {
"message": "You have already granted this permission."
"message": "Ti è già stato accordato questo permesso."
"permission_request_button_request": {
"message": "Request Permission"
"message": "Richiedi permesso"
"permission_request_button_revoke": {
"message": "Revoke Permission"
"message": "Revoca permesso"
"permission_request_historyrunner_1": {
"message": "In order to provide search results for your browser history, additional permissions are required."
"message": "Per poter fornire dei risultati di ricerca nella cronologia del browser sono richiesti dei permessi aggiuntivi."
"permission_request_historyrunner_2": {
"message": "Assicurati che il modulo «Schede del browser» sia abilitato nelle <a id=\"$1\" href=\"$2\">impostazioni della ricerca di Plasma</a>."
"message": "Puoi disabilitare questa funzione in tramite le <a id=\"$1\" href=\"$2\">impostazioni della ricerca di Plasma</a>."
"permission_request_title": {
"message": "Additional permissions required"
"message": "Permessi aggiuntivi richiesti"
"purpose_share": {
"message": "Condividi..."
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