Commit aa1c7c35 authored by Kai Uwe Broulik's avatar Kai Uwe Broulik 🍇

Add store description to locale file for translations

parent f00ec02a
"store_description": {
"description": "The extension description on the extension store",
"message": "Multitask efficiently by controlling browser functions from the desktop, even while Chrome is in the background. Manage audio and video playback, check downloads in the notification area, send files to your phone using KDE Connect and more inside the KDE Plasma Desktop!
The plasma-browser-integration package must be installed for this extension to work. It should be available from your distribution's package manager when running Plasma 5.13 or later.
NOTE: This extension is not supported on Debian."
"options_title": {
"description": "Title for settings page",
"message": "Plasma Integration Settings"
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