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    [kcms/landingpage] Give up on vertical centering and let it scroll · 34659555
    Nate Graham authored
    In the past, we made the content view of this KCM center vertically.
    However that caused binding loops and made resizing slow. Then later we
    made it non-scrollable so that it could be vertically centered, but that
    broke scrollability for users with very short screens.
    This commit simplifies the situation to stop doing anything fancy at all
    and just uses a boring old SimpleKCM. This lets it be scrollable but
    does not have vertical centering for the content. However no other KCM
    vertically centers its content like this anyway, so arguably there is a
    consistency win as well.
    BUG: 438171
    FIXED-IN: 5.21.2
    (cherry picked from commit c561706f)
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