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    Fix Font KCM force font DPI checkbox · b2694cfc
    David Edmundson authored
    Fixes numerous issues:
    1) the default behaviour had changed. It should disable force font DPI,
    not set it to 96
    2) disabling didn't work, we'd set the value to 0, which would update
    the spinbox, which has a minimum which sets the value to 96 (we were
    warned of this with a binding loop error)
    3) toggling the checkbox didn't enable the apply button
    New code fixes that and is more declarative too.
    BUG: 394180
    Test Plan: Toggled, reset to defaults, restarted
    Reviewers: #plasma, progwolff, broulik
    Reviewed By: #plasma, progwolff, broulik
    Subscribers: broulik, plasma-devel
    Tags: #plasma
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D13051
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