Verified Commit 0820ce6b authored by Fushan Wen's avatar Fushan Wen
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applets/kickoff: center align Kickoff icon in vertical panel

BUG: 459280
FIXED-IN: 5.26
(cherry picked from commit 23f35bf5)
parent 76674803
......@@ -242,7 +242,7 @@ Item {
Layout.preferredWidth: iconSize
Layout.preferredHeight: iconSize
Layout.alignment: Qt.AlignVCenter
Layout.alignment: Qt.AlignVCenter | Qt.AlignHCenter
source: !kickoff.vertical ? plasmoid.icon : plasmoid.icon ? plasmoid.icon : kickoff.defaultIcon
active: compactRoot.containsMouse || compactDragArea.containsDrag
smooth: true
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