Commit 085874b8 authored by Julius Zint's avatar Julius Zint Committed by Nate Graham
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KCM Touchpad: Load config for touchpad on init

Otherwise the UI will be initialized with the default values of constant
properties like supportsClickMethodAreas or
supportsClickMethodClickfinger. This leads to available configuration
options being invisible, even though they are supported by the touchpad.

BUG: 443011
FIXED-IN: 5.23.2

(cherry picked from commit 8be9929b)
parent b0831510
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ void KWinWaylandBackend::findTouchpads()
const QVariant reply ="touchpad");
if (reply.isValid() && reply.toBool()) {
KWinWaylandTouchpad *tp = new KWinWaylandTouchpad(sn);
if (!tp->init()) {
if (!tp->init() || !tp->getConfig()) {
qCCritical(KCM_TOUCHPAD) << "Error on creating touchpad object" << sn;
m_errorString = i18n("Critical error on reading fundamental device infos for touchpad %1.", sn);
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