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Update colors docbook to 5.12

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<releaseinfo>Plasma 5.11</releaseinfo>
<releaseinfo>Plasma 5.12</releaseinfo>
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It shows a list of color schemes shipped with &plasma; and a preview at the top.
Only one scheme is active at once, but you may edit schemes.
You can remove schemes using <guibutton>Remove Scheme</guibutton>.
Note that system schemes cannot be removed; trying to do so will display an
Note that system schemes cannot be removed; the button for this action is
<para>If you have an Internet connection,
you can also browse and retrieve user-created schemes using <guibutton>Get
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<title>Edit or Create Schemes</title>
<para>To edit or create new schemes select a scheme from the list and press the
<guibutton>Edit Scheme</guibutton> button to open a dialog with three tabs
<guilabel>Options</guilabel>, <guilabel>Colors</guilabel> and <guilabel>Disabled</guilabel>.
<guilabel>Options</guilabel>, <guilabel>Colors</guilabel>, <guilabel>Disabled</guilabel>
and <guilabel>Inactive</guilabel>.
When you have created a scheme you like, you can upload it, reset it or save it
under a different name or overwrite the active scheme.
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