Commit 1c10a6f6 authored by Andrey Butirsky's avatar Andrey Butirsky
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fix broken keyboard configurations with single layout on Wayland

KConfigGroup::writeEntry() shouldn't be used with list - otherwise,
"VariantList=\\0" is saved for the list with single empty item, as a
measure to distinguish it from empty list.
We don't need it here as the list is read directly by external library
on load.

BUG: 433576
parent aafb762d
......@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ void KeyboardConfig::save()
config.writeEntry("LayoutList", layoutStrings.join(LIST_SEPARATOR));
config.writeEntry("VariantList", variants);
config.writeEntry("VariantList", variants.join((LIST_SEPARATOR)));
config.writeEntry("DisplayNames", displayNames.join(LIST_SEPARATOR));
config.writeEntry("LayoutLoopCount", layoutLoopCount);
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