Commit 247d9d73 authored by Rijul Gulati's avatar Rijul Gulati Committed by Nate Graham
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Fix clicking Help button gives 404 page in browser

Issue: With khelpcenter unavailable, clicking Help button in knetattach opens URL: resulting in 404 (Not found) page.

Fix: change help string from `help:/knetattach` to `help:/`.

How it works: at - the appname is added by default to docpath. With `help:/knetattach` the docpath becomes `knetattach&path=/knetattach` which results in URL:

Removing `/knetattach` from `help:/knetattach` makes final URL as: (Notice the additional `/` at the end coming from `help:/`). This works for both browser URL as well as khelpcenter.

BUG: 425321
parent 6f7c69b9
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ void KNetAttach::slotPageChanged( int )
void KNetAttach::slotHelpClicked()
void KNetAttach::setInformationText( const QString &type )
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