Commit 2683d4c6 authored by Michail Vourlakos's avatar Michail Vourlakos
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FolderView applet respect panel maxIcon size

--FolderView takes into account the
units.iconSizeHints.panel value when is in panel
in order to switch its appearance from
CompactRepresentation to FullRepresentation
and vice versa.

BUG: 379888

Test Plan:
confirm that in order for FolderView to change to
FullRepresention when it is in panel, it respects
the units.iconSizeHints.panel value.

Reviewers: #plasma, hein, mart

Reviewed By: #plasma, hein

Subscribers: plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent ae247bcc
......@@ -40,12 +40,12 @@ FolderViewDropArea {
width: isPopup ? undefined : preferredWidth(false) // for the initial size when placed on the desktop
Layout.minimumWidth: preferredWidth(true)
Layout.preferredWidth: isPopup ? preferredWidth(false) : 0 // for the popup size to change at runtime when view mode changes
Plasmoid.switchWidth: preferredWidth(true)
Plasmoid.switchWidth: isPopup ? units.iconSizeHints.panel : preferredWidth(true)
height: isPopup ? undefined : preferredHeight(false)
Layout.minimumHeight: preferredHeight(true)
Layout.preferredHeight: isPopup ? preferredHeight(false) : 0
Plasmoid.switchHeight: preferredHeight(true)
Plasmoid.switchHeight: isPopup ? units.iconSizeHints.panel : preferredHeight(true)
LayoutMirroring.enabled: Qt.application.layoutDirection === Qt.RightToLeft
LayoutMirroring.childrenInherit: true
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