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[desktoppackage] Fix warning that appletInterface may be undefined

    Unable to assign [undefined] to QQuickItem*

Amends f6755c2a
parent 0868a5ae
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......@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ PlasmaCore.ToolTipArea {
visualParent: root.compactRepresentation
backgroundHints: (Plasmoid.containmentDisplayHints & PlasmaCore.Types.DesktopFullyCovered) ? PlasmaCore.Dialog.SolidBackground : PlasmaCore.Dialog.StandardBackground
type: PlasmaCore.Dialog.AppletPopup
appletInterface: fullRepresentation && fullRepresentation.appletInterface
appletInterface: fullRepresentation && fullRepresentation.appletInterface || null
property var oldStatus: PlasmaCore.Types.UnknownStatus
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