Commit 4201350d authored by Mikel Johnson's avatar Mikel Johnson
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[Kickoff] Use RoundButton for now

Right now Avatar isn't mature enough for keyboard navigation so it's best to work around touch issue for now

(cherry picked from commit 62a70dbc)
parent 2c8ebfb9
......@@ -79,21 +79,40 @@ PlasmaExtras.PlasmoidHeading {
anchors.right: parent.right
anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter
anchors.rightMargin: Math.round(parent.width/1.5) + PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit
Kirigami.Avatar {
PlasmaComponents.RoundButton {
id: avatarButton
visible: KQuickAddons.KCMShell.authorize("kcm_users.desktop").length > 0
activeFocusOnTab: true
source: kuser.faceIconUrl
name: nameLabel.text
flat: true
Layout.preferredWidth: PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 2
Layout.preferredHeight: PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 2
actions.main: Kirigami.Action {
text: i18n("Go to user settings")
onTriggered: KQuickAddons.KCMShell.openSystemSettings("kcm_users") nameLabel.text
Accessible.description: i18n("Go to user settings")
Kirigami.Avatar {
source: kuser.faceIconUrl
name: nameLabel.text
anchors {
fill: parent
margins: PlasmaCore.Units.smallSpacing
// NOTE: for some reason Avatar eats touch events even though it shouldn't
// Ideally we'd be using Avatar but it doesn't have proper key nav yet
// see
actions.main: Kirigami.Action {
text: avatarButton.Accessible.description
onTriggered: avatarButton.clicked()
// no keyboard nav
activeFocusOnTab: false
// ignore accessibility (done by the button)
Accessible.ignored: true
onClicked: {
Keys.onPressed: {
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