Commit 5174aa9e authored by Björn Feber's avatar Björn Feber Committed by Nate Graham
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Add grouping and "Show Only Minimized" options to icons-only task manager

FEATURE: 368430
FIXED-IN: 5.18.0
Being able to disable grouping for the icons-only task manager makes sense, because it has enough space to hold plenty of application icons/launchers. The "Show only tasks that are minimized" option is useful as well for the IOTM.

Test Plan: Open the IOTM behavior settings page. Enable/disable grouping and toggle the "Show only tasks that are minimized" option.

Reviewers: #plasma, #vdg, ngraham

Reviewed By: #vdg, ngraham

Subscribers: ngraham, hein, #vdg, plasma-devel, #plasma

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent 96f485db
......@@ -48,7 +48,6 @@ Item {
// TODO: port to QQC2 version once we've fixed
QQC1.ComboBox {
id: groupingStrategy
visible: (plasmoid.pluginName !== "org.kde.plasma.icontasks")
Kirigami.FormData.label: i18n("Group:")
Layout.fillWidth: true
model: [i18n("Do not group"), i18n("By program name")]
......@@ -144,7 +143,6 @@ Item {
CheckBox {
id: showOnlyMinimized
visible: (plasmoid.pluginName !== "org.kde.plasma.icontasks")
text: i18n("Show only tasks that are minimized")
......@@ -138,8 +138,7 @@ MouseArea {
return true;
groupMode: iconsOnly ? TaskManager.TasksModel.GroupApplications
: groupModeEnumValue(plasmoid.configuration.groupingStrategy)
groupMode: groupModeEnumValue(plasmoid.configuration.groupingStrategy)
groupInline: !plasmoid.configuration.groupPopups
groupingWindowTasksThreshold: (plasmoid.configuration.onlyGroupWhenFull && !iconsOnly
? LayoutManager.optimumCapacity(width, height) + 1 : -1)
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