Commit 6025f926 authored by Nate Graham's avatar Nate Graham
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[kcms/notifications] Use Kirigami.BasicListItem instead of custom delegate

There's no need since the custom delegate was manufacturing the exact
same look that a Kirigami.BasicListitem can provide with the hidden
separator setting. However this commit does not use that setting, so as
a result the separators now become visible. This makes the list
consistent with other lists in QML-based software.

My sense is that the reason why we hid the lines in the past was
because the lines had a very heavy appearance, but that was improved
recently to look much more lightweight.
parent 27e1c236
......@@ -112,32 +112,16 @@ Kirigami.Page {
appConfiguration.rootIndex = kcm.sourcesModel.makePersistentModelIndex(sourceIdx);
delegate: QtControls.ItemDelegate {
delegate: Kirigami.BasicListItem {
id: sourceDelegate
width: sourcesList.width
text: model.display
icon: model.decoration
highlighted: ListView.isCurrentItem
onClicked: {
sourcesList.currentIndex = index;
contentItem: RowLayout {
Kirigami.Icon {
Layout.preferredWidth: Kirigami.Units.iconSizes.small
Layout.preferredHeight: Kirigami.Units.iconSizes.small
source: model.decoration
QtControls.Label {
Layout.fillWidth: true
text: sourceDelegate.text
font: sourceDelegate.font
color: sourceDelegate.highlighted || sourceDelegate.checked || (sourceDelegate.pressed && !sourceDelegate.checked && !sourceDelegate.sectionDelegate) ? Kirigami.Theme.highlightedTextColor : (sourceDelegate.enabled ? Kirigami.Theme.textColor : Kirigami.Theme.disabledTextColor)
elide: Text.ElideRight
textFormat: Text.PlainText
Kirigami.PlaceholderMessage {
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