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applets/kickoff: add text to allow screen reader to read button name

(cherry picked from commit 8db8a059)
parent 540a5927
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......@@ -68,10 +68,11 @@ RowLayout {
icon.height: PlasmaCore.Units.iconSizes.smallMedium ["system-log-out", "system-shutdown", "view-more-symbolic", ""][currentId];
display: PC3.AbstractButton.IconOnly;
text: [i18n("Leave"), i18n("Power"), i18n("More"), ""][leaveButton.currentId]
visible: plasmoid.configuration.primaryActions !== 3
// Make it look pressed while the menu is open
down: contextMenu.status === PC2.DialogStatus.Open || pressed
PC3.ToolTip.text: [i18n("Leave"), i18n("Power"), i18n("More"), ""][leaveButton.currentId]
PC3.ToolTip.text: text
PC3.ToolTip.visible: leaveButton.hovered
PC3.ToolTip.delay: Kirigami.Units.toolTipDelay
Keys.onLeftPressed: if (!LayoutMirroring.enabled) {
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