Commit 6f7c69b9 authored by Nicolas Fella's avatar Nicolas Fella
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[kickoff] Port Header to PC3

We need to do it anyway and it fixes an issue where the placeholder text of the search field is lacking padding
parent c5132e7a
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
import QtQuick 2.12
import QtQuick.Layouts 1.12
import org.kde.plasma.core 2.0 as PlasmaCore
import org.kde.plasma.components 2.0 as PlasmaComponents
import org.kde.plasma.components 3.0 as PlasmaComponents
import org.kde.plasma.extras 2.0 as PlasmaExtras
import org.kde.kcoreaddons 1.0 as KCoreAddons
import org.kde.kquickcontrolsaddons 2.0
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