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Update launchfeedback docbook to 5.12

proofread + update
bump date + releaseinfo
adapt to changed gui strings
replace kde with plasma

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......@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@
<releaseinfo>Plasma 5.3</releaseinfo>
<releaseinfo>Plasma 5.12</releaseinfo>
......@@ -25,30 +25,28 @@ really hit that icon or not.</para>
<para>The traditional way to indicate that your computer is busy is to
modify the cursor, and you can turn this on by choosing a
<guilabel>Busy Cursor</guilabel>.</para>
<para>With this option enabled, your cursor will have an icon attached
to it for a short time, when a new application is being launched. You
can configure how long this icon is displayed beside your cursor with the
<guilabel>Startup indication timeout:</guilabel> spinbox. The
<guilabel>Stop animation after:</guilabel> spinbox. The
default is 5 seconds.</para>
<para>There are several variations of busy cursor available, including
a <guilabel>Blinking Cursor</guilabel>, a <guilabel>Bouncing Cursor</guilabel>
or a <guilabel>Passive Busy Cursor</guilabel> icon with no animation.</para>
a <guilabel>Blinking</guilabel>, a <guilabel>Bouncing</guilabel>
or a <guilabel>Static</guilabel> cursor icon with no animation.</para>
<para>Traditional &kde; launch notification has taken another form,
<para>Traditional &plasma; launch notification has taken another form,
which you can also enable and disable here. Normally when you start an
application, it gets an immediate entry in the taskbar, with the icon
replaced by a spinning hourglass to let you know something is
happening. You can toggle this behavior on and off with the
<guilabel>Enable taskbar notification</guilabel> checkbox, and when it's
enabled, you can set a time in the
<guilabel>Startup indication timeout</guilabel> spinbox.</para>
<guilabel>Enable animation</guilabel> checkbox.</para>
<para>Not all applications that you start will eventually show a
window, or an entry in the taskbar. Some of them, for example, are
docked into the &kde; system tray. Alternatively, it might be that you
docked into the &plasma; system tray. Alternatively, it might be that you
sent it off to a different virtual desktop, and in the <guilabel>Filters</guilabel>
section of the <ulink url="help:/plasma-desktop/panel.html">
<guilabel>Task Manager Settings</guilabel></ulink> the option <guilabel>Only show
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