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Add migration script for the digital clock applet

This migration script changes:

This supports
which adds new options and alters the structure of the config key that
stores it.
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// Find all digital clock applets in all containments and change
// displayTimezoneAsCode=false
// to
// displayTimezoneFormat=FullText
// See
var containments = desktops().concat(panels());
for (var i in containments) {
var cont = containments[i];
for (var j in cont.widgetIds) {
var widget = cont.widgetById(cont.widgetIds[j]);
if (widget.type == "org.kde.plasma.digitalclock") {
widget.currentConfigGroup = new Array('Appearance')
if (widget.readConfig("displayTimezoneAsCode", true) == false) {
widget.writeConfig("displayTimezoneFormat", "FullText")
// Work around not being able to delete config file keys using widget interface
widget.writeConfig("displayTimezoneAsCode", "")
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