Commit 7e98c5d7 authored by Kai Uwe Broulik's avatar Kai Uwe Broulik 🍇
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[Folder View] Update "Empty Trash" enabled state for files inside Trash and links to Trash

Previously this was only done for files inside Trash. Now also the context menu of a Trash link has correct state.

BUG: 392738
FIXED-IN: 5.12.5

Differential Revision:
parent bf12647c
......@@ -1618,8 +1618,7 @@ void FolderModel::updateActions()
if (emptyTrash) {
if (isTrash) {
KConfig trashConfig(QStringLiteral("trashrc"), KConfig::SimpleConfig);
emptyTrash->setEnabled(!"Status").readEntry("Empty", true));
} else {
......@@ -1738,6 +1737,7 @@ void FolderModel::openContextMenu(QQuickItem *visualParent)
// called before we open the menu, it would correct visibility again when opening
// the context menu for other items later.
} else {
......@@ -1961,6 +1961,12 @@ void FolderModel::restoreSelectedFromTrash()
bool FolderModel::isTrashEmpty()
KConfig trashConfig(QStringLiteral("trashrc"), KConfig::SimpleConfig);
return"Status").readEntry("Empty", true);
void FolderModel::undoTextChanged(const QString &text)
if (QAction *action = m_actionCollection.action(QStringLiteral("undo"))) {
......@@ -306,6 +306,7 @@ class FOLDERPLUGIN_TESTS_EXPORT FolderModel : public QSortFilterProxyModel, publ
void updatePasteAction();
void addDragImage(QDrag *drag, int x, int y);
void setStatus(Status status);
static bool isTrashEmpty();
QList<QUrl> selectedUrls() const;
KDirModel *m_dirModel;
KDirWatch *m_dirWatch;
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