Commit 8a97cd48 authored by Eugene Popov's avatar Eugene Popov 🇺🇦 Committed by Nate Graham
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[Folder View] Fix executing file without prompting

When executing file without prompting, make sure it's a desktop file.

BUG: 435560
(cherry picked from commit 085f9b7e)
parent 70860fe8
......@@ -709,7 +709,8 @@ void FolderModel::run(int row)
// otherwise ask for security reasons. We also don't use the targetUrl()
// from above since we don't want the resolved /home/foo/Desktop URL.
run->setShowScriptExecutionPrompt(item.url().scheme() != QLatin1String("desktop")
|| item.url().adjusted(QUrl::RemoveFilename).path() != QLatin1String("/"));
|| item.url().adjusted(QUrl::RemoveFilename).path() != QLatin1String("/")
|| !item.isDesktopFile());
void FolderModel::runSelected()
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