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Fix missing variable name

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......@@ -128,11 +128,11 @@ QNetworkRequest KdePlatformDependent::addOAuthToRequest(const QNetworkRequest &r
notConstReq.setAttribute(QNetworkRequest::Http2AllowedAttribute, true);
// Add cache preference in a granular fashion (we will almost certainly want more of these, but...)
static const QList<QString> preferCacheEndpoints{
static const QStringList preferCacheEndpoints{
  • Not sure how CI works but looks like there is a missing ';' here.

  • There is indeed - fixed in 6e8626f2 (not sure how any of that slipped in, other than, i guess, me having been busy doing a load of other things and somehow missing that ci was somehow returning a false positive...)

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for (const QString &endpoint : preferCacheEndpoints) {
if (notConstReq.url().endsWith()) {
if (notConstReq.url().endsWith(endpoint)) {
notConstReq.setAttribute(QNetworkRequest::CacheLoadControlAttribute, QNetworkRequest::PreferCache);
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