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Remove duplicate headers between cpp/h

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......@@ -5,8 +5,6 @@
#include "kcm/configcontainer.h"
#include <KPluginFactory>
K_PLUGIN_CLASS_WITH_JSON(ConfigContainer, "mouse.json")
#include <plugin.moc>
  • @mlaurent this commit broke my build :

    /home/kde-dev/kde/src/plasma-desktop/kcms/mouse/plugin.cpp:8:43: error: expected identifier before string constant
        8 | K_PLUGIN_CLASS_WITH_JSON(ConfigContainer, "mouse.json")
          |                                           ^~~~~~~~~~~~
    /home/kde-dev/kde/src/plasma-desktop/kcms/mouse/plugin.cpp:8:43: error: expected ‘,’ or ‘...’ before string constant
    /home/kde-dev/kde/src/plasma-desktop/kcms/mouse/plugin.cpp:8:56: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion at end of input
        8 | K_PLUGIN_CLASS_WITH_JSON(ConfigContainer, "mouse.json")
          |                                                        ^

    when i addback #include <KPluginFactory> it compiles fine

  • wierd this file doesn't include its .h file ? => no #include <plugin.h> ?

  • to be sure i just deleted whole build directory and trying to recompile again via kdesrc-build , i will return back with result within a 15 minutes

  • @mlaurent i dont know how it passed gitlab's CI without brake but it couldnt build on my box :

    To solve this i need to add #include "plugin.h" or #include <KPluginFactory>

  • I added #include "plugin.h" it's logical.

  • Thank you

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