Commit 9da4da7e authored by Kirill Tatunov's avatar Kirill Tatunov Committed by David Edmundson
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Fix avatar picture aliasing and stretching in kickoff

QML Image element has some smoothing when scaling an image by default but it's not enough and the picture still looks a bit pixelated. This patch fixes that.
Also while I was at it, I added keeping the aspect ratio, because no one likes their avatars stretched.

BUG: 369327

Test Plan:
Before: {F5819424} {F5819425}
After: {F5819429} {F5819430}

Reviewers: #plasma, mart

Reviewed By: #plasma, mart

Subscribers: davidedmundson, plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent 03560ae7
......@@ -60,6 +60,11 @@ Item {
width: units.gridUnit * 3
height: width
sourceSize.width: width
sourceSize.height: height
fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectFit
anchors {
left: parent.left
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