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applets/window-list: don't use "plasmoid" jargon in description

Also take the opportunity to correct grammar (no trailing period) and
use the word "menu" to better describe what this thing is and does.
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......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@
"Category": "Windows and Tasks",
"Description": "Plasmoid to show list of opened windows.",
"Description": "Show open windows in a menu",
"Description[ar]": "ودجة لإظهار قائمة بالنّوافذ المفتوحة.",
"Description[az]": "Açılan pəncərələri göstərən Plasma əlavəsi",
"Description[ca@valencia]": "Plasmoide que mostra una llista de les finestres obertes.",
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