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[applets/pager] Fix switching desktops on drag & hover

Access to global variables holding the state for currently hovered
desktop is poorly ordered by QML DropArea, so an additional check is
needed to ensure a component is only cleaning up after itself.

BUG: 416878
FIXED-IN: 5.24.6 5.25.3 5.26
(cherry picked from commit 4f190cdf)
parent 3c4544df
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......@@ -388,8 +388,11 @@ MouseArea {
onDragLeave: {
root.dragSwitchDesktopIndex = -1;
// new onDragEnter may happen before an old onDragLeave
if (root.dragSwitchDesktopIndex === index) {
root.dragSwitchDesktopIndex = -1;
onDrop: {
pagerModel.drop(event.mimeData, event.modifiers, desktop.desktopId);
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