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applets/kickoff: set initial appsModelRow to 0

Though the 0 index modelForRow isn't supposed to be used, the initial
value still needs to be 0 to trigger model data update when the applet
first launches.
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......@@ -64,7 +64,8 @@ BasePage {
readonly property string preferredAppsViewObjectName: plasmoid.configuration.applicationsDisplay == 0 ? "applicationsGridView" : "applicationsListView"
readonly property Component preferredAppsViewComponent: plasmoid.configuration.applicationsDisplay == 0 ? applicationsGridViewComponent : applicationsListViewComponent
// NOTE: The 0 index modelForRow isn't supposed to be used. That's just how it works.
property int appsModelRow: 1
// But to trigger model data update, set initial value to 0
property int appsModelRow: 0
readonly property Kicker.AppsModel appsModel: plasmoid.rootItem.rootModel.modelForRow(appsModelRow)
focus: true
initialItem: preferredFavoritesViewComponent
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