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......@@ -246,9 +246,10 @@ ColumnLayout {
Image {
id: albumArtImage
// also Image.Loading to prevent loading thumbnails just because the album art takes a split second to load
// only show album art if there's only one window and it's not a browser -- else check if window title and track match
// if this is a group tooltip, we check if window title and track match, to allow distinguishing the different windows
// if this app is a browser, we also check the title, so album art is not shown when the user is on some other tab
// in all other cases we can safely show the album art without checking the title
readonly property bool available: (status === Image.Ready || status === Image.Loading)
&& (!(isGroup || backend.applicationCategories(launcherUrl).includes("WebBrowser")) || generateTitle().includes(track))
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