Commit d3b1163f authored by Kai Uwe Broulik's avatar Kai Uwe Broulik 🍇
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[Style KCM] Force active palette on widgets

Since there isn't a real window, the widgets think they're inactive, leading to dull appearance.
Also, while at it create the QPalette only once. KColorScheme::applicationPalette parses configuration and is super slow.
Doing it only once significantly speeds up the KCM.

Differential Revision:
parent 5c29f1f4
......@@ -90,22 +90,18 @@ bool PreviewItem::isValid() const
return m_style && m_widget;
void setStyleRecursively(QWidget *widget, QStyle *style)
void setStyleRecursively(QWidget *widget, QStyle *style, const QPalette &palette)
// Don't let styles kill the palette for other styles being previewed.
QPalette newPalette(KColorScheme::createApplicationPalette(KSharedConfig::openConfig()));
const auto children = widget->children();
for (QObject *child : children) {
if (child->isWidgetType()) {
setStyleRecursively(static_cast<QWidget *>(child), style);
setStyleRecursively(static_cast<QWidget *>(child), style, palette);
......@@ -138,7 +134,20 @@ void PreviewItem::reload()
// Prevent Qt from wrongly caching radio button images
QPalette palette(KColorScheme::createApplicationPalette(KSharedConfig::openConfig()));
// HACK Needed so the previews look like their window is active
// The previews don't have a parent (we're in QML, after all, there is no QWidget* to parent it to)
// so QWidget::isActiveWindow() always returns false making the widget look dull
// You still won't get hover effects in some themes (those that don't do that for inactive windows)
// but at least at a glance it looks fine...
for (int i = 0; i < QPalette::NColorRoles; ++i) {
const auto role = static_cast<QPalette::ColorRole>(i);
palette.setColor(QPalette::Inactive, role, palette.color(QPalette::Active, role));
setStyleRecursively(,, palette);
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