Commit df35f9e2 authored by Severin von Wnuck's avatar Severin von Wnuck Committed by Nate Graham
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positioner: Fix deferred move with multiple items

Dropping multiple files on a folder view (e.g. desktop) only positions
one file correctly.
Calling `Positioner::move` multiple times overwrites the
previous moves in `m_deferMovePositions`.
Appending the moves to `m_deferMovePositions` fixes the positioning.

BUG: 445441
parent 15ee61c8
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......@@ -349,7 +349,7 @@ int Positioner::move(const QVariantList &moves)
// Don't allow moves while listing.
if (m_folderModel->status() == FolderModel::Listing) {
m_deferMovePositions = moves;
return -1;
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