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desktoppackage: avoid loading wallpaper settings again when the plugin is changed

Only reload wallpaper settings when `wallpaperConfiguration` is invalid.

CCBUG: 407619

(cherry picked from commit 50f82b2d)
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......@@ -37,16 +37,12 @@ Item {
configDialog.containmentPlugin = appearanceRoot.containmentPlugin
* BUG 407619: `wallpaperGraphicsObject`, `wallpaper` or `wallpaperInterface`
* is not set before calling `ContainmentInterface::loadWallpaper()`, so wait
* until `wallpaperInterfaceChanged` signal is emitted. At that time
* `applyWallpaper()` will call `syncWallpaperObjects()` to update
* `wallpaperConfiguration`.
Connections {
// BUG 407619: wallpaperConfiguration can be invalid after changing layout
enabled: !configDialog.wallpaperConfiguration
target: Plasmoid.self
function onWallpaperInterfaceChanged() {
// wallpaperConfiguration is valid now, reload the settings
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