Commit f47fac90 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Fix debug operator it never works for sure

parent 8ae2d967
......@@ -866,17 +866,17 @@ QDebug operator<<(QDebug dbg, const pa_context_state_t &state)
QString name;
switch (state) {
case PA_CONTEXT_UNCONNECTED: name = QLatin1Literal("Unconnected");
case PA_CONTEXT_CONNECTING: name = QLatin1Literal("Connecting");
case PA_CONTEXT_AUTHORIZING: name = QLatin1Literal("Authorizing");
case PA_CONTEXT_SETTING_NAME: name = QLatin1Literal("Setting Name");
case PA_CONTEXT_READY: name = QLatin1Literal("Ready");
case PA_CONTEXT_FAILED: name = QLatin1Literal("Failed");
case PA_CONTEXT_TERMINATED: name = QLatin1Literal("Terminated");
case PA_CONTEXT_UNCONNECTED: name = QLatin1Literal("Unconnected"); break;
case PA_CONTEXT_CONNECTING: name = QLatin1Literal("Connecting"); break;
case PA_CONTEXT_AUTHORIZING: name = QLatin1Literal("Authorizing"); break;
case PA_CONTEXT_SETTING_NAME: name = QLatin1Literal("Setting Name"); break;
case PA_CONTEXT_READY: name = QLatin1Literal("Ready"); break;
case PA_CONTEXT_FAILED: name = QLatin1Literal("Failed"); break;
case PA_CONTEXT_TERMINATED: name = QLatin1Literal("Terminated"); break;
if (name.isEmpty())
name = QString("Unknown state(%0)").arg(state);
name = QString("Unknown state(%1)").arg(state);
dbg.nospace() << name;
return dbg;
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