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      --warnings · b1c3af20
      Aleix Pol Gonzalez authored
      Port away from some deprecated Qt constructions.
      Mark arguments as unused, remove unused variables.
      Properly sort constructors
  5. 29 Nov, 2019 1 commit
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      replace bespoke xkb geometry parser with xkb · c7a1f606
      Harald Sitter authored
      the bespoke parser was a horrendous drain on the build time of
      plasma-desktop due to recursive templates.
      it's been replaced with a new standalone binary that previews any
      model/layout/variant/options combination as requested and a qtquick UI
      which simplifies the actual rendering substantially.
      the new code is better in that it:
      - builds in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the power use
      - renders complex models (such as the tm2020 or the kinesis) correctly
      - because it entirely relies on xkb to figure out keysyms belonging to
        a given key, it's layout representation is not only substantially more
        complete it also correctly obeys options like eurosign:2
      - renders numlock and the like (not that this is in fact very useful ^^)
      - is following the system palette for coloring
      - the paint code should be easier to graps and more robust because xkb
        provides completely consistent geometry and layout data meaning we can
        model this verbatim in qtquick and then scale the entire
        keyboard to a useful size
      - this is now a standalone application so potential input method KCMs
        can opt to use it (e.g. fcitx)
      BUG: 362946
      Test Plan: preview all the layouts and all the models
      Reviewers: #plasma
      Subscribers: davidre, ngraham, plasma-devel
      Tags: #plasma
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D25191
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      Initial import from the monolithic kde-workspace. · 88ae0b60
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      This is the beginning of revision history for this module. If you
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      techbase wiki for how to use Git history grafting. At the time of
      writing, this wiki is located here:
      If you have already performed the grafting and you don't see any
      history beyond this commit, try running "git log" with the "--follow"
      Branched from the monolithic repo kde-workspace, frameworks  branch, at commit