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    • Kai Uwe Broulik's avatar
      [KDED KCM] Rewrite as KDeclarative ScrollViewKCM · aa2119a8
      Kai Uwe Broulik authored
      This rewrites the "Background services" KCM in QML using ScrollViewKCM.
      The two separate list views are merged into a single one with the configurable services at the top,
      and the ones that are loaded on-demand and "only for your convenience" at the bottom.
      A search field is added searching through name and plugin ID. Since the sortable table headers are gone,
      a filter combo is provided instead to filter for all, running, or non-running services.
      As an extra Schmankerl when starting a service that immediately disables itself again (which technically isn't an error
      that would be indicated as such) a hint is shown you're not left wondering why it doesn't start.
      A hint is also displayed when services got automatically started/stopped when applying settings as this reloads kded5.
      Furthermore, the code is cleaned up a lot (quite eerie, adding a 2020 Copyright to an existing 2002 one :),
      ported to json plugin data, and a proper QAbstractListModel added.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D26506
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    • Friedrich W. H. Kossebau's avatar
      [kded kcm] Fix estimating dbusModuleName of kded plugins · 6f491642
      Friedrich W. H. Kossebau authored
      The entry X-KDE-DBus-ModuleName has never been used by kded code,
      at least is not using it these days, so the check for that metadata entry
      and using its value is broken.
      Instead Kded::loadModule() used KPluginMetaData::pluginId() to set the
      module name, which then is used by KDEDModule for its D-Bus object path.
      The branch for handling an empty name is removed as that fallback is
      covered by KPluginMetaData already.
      Test Plan:
      KCM now lists all kded plugins, no longer complains about modules it could not
      Reviewers: dfaure, davidedmundson
      Reviewed By: dfaure
      Subscribers: plasma-devel
      Tags: #plasma
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D13623
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    • Ragnar Thomsen's avatar
      Fix loading/saving in kded kcm · 15253a74
      Ragnar Thomsen authored
      Fix loading/saving of the autoload status of kded startup services in
      the kcm.
      Loading was broken due to a KPluginMetaData::pluginId() being passed to
      autoloadEnabled(), instead of a KPluginMetaData.
      Saving was broken due to comparing KPluginMetaData::fileName() to
      treeitem->data(LibraryRole). This didn't work due to
      KPluginMetaData::fileName() sometimes containing (part of) the path in
      addition to the plugin/library name. This was solved by using
      KPluginMetaData::pluginId() instead of KPluginMetaData::fileName().
      BUG: 346848
      BUG: 347429
      REVIEW: 124840
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    • Lukáš Tinkl's avatar
      fix KAboutData's · 87bf9a90
      Lukáš Tinkl authored
      the order has changed compared to KDE 4 so display it
      correctly in the about boxes
    • Lukáš Tinkl's avatar
      fix KAboutData's · f284503d
      Lukáš Tinkl authored
      the order has changed compared to KDE 4 so display it
      correctly in the about boxes
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      Initial import from the monolithic kde-runtime. · b3130493
      Aleix Pol Gonzalez authored
      This is the beginning of revision history for this module. If you
      want to look at revision history older than this, please refer to the
      techbase wiki for how to use Git history grafting. At the time of
      writing, this wiki is located here:
      If you have already performed the grafting and you don't see any
      history beyond this commit, try running "git log" with the "--follow"
      Branched from the monolithic repo kde-runtime, frameworks  branch, at commit