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      kcm_keyboard: Enable selection in Advanced options view · e03136cd
      David Rosca authored
      Enable selection in Advanced options view to allow keyboard navigation.
      Also fixed one wrong cast - possible crash.
      BUG: 346948
      FIXED-IN: 5.4.2
      REVIEW: 125411
    • David Rosca's avatar
      kcm_keyboard: Fix behavior of layout config edit delegates · 6bb4069a
      David Rosca authored
      By default, commiting edited value in QStyledItemDelegate only occurs
      when leaving the editor, eg. on pressing Enter or moving to other item.
      This makes the delegates commit updated value to model as soon as value
      in editor is changed.
      This also fixes the size of label editor (it now fills the entire cell)
      and refresh the label icons when refreshing model.
      BUG: 350757
      FIXED-IN: 5.4.2
      REVIEW: 125405
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      Initial import from the monolithic kde-workspace. · 88ae0b60
      Aleix Pol Gonzalez authored
      This is the beginning of revision history for this module. If you
      want to look at revision history older than this, please refer to the
      techbase wiki for how to use Git history grafting. At the time of
      writing, this wiki is located here:
      If you have already performed the grafting and you don't see any
      history beyond this commit, try running "git log" with the "--follow"
      Branched from the monolithic repo kde-workspace, frameworks  branch, at commit