Commit 12a14a78 authored by David Redondo's avatar David Redondo 🏎

[kcms/keys] Really ignore unknown action

Otherwise the end() iterator is dereferenced resulting in a crash
BUG: 421016

Test Plan: Import a predefined scheme

Reviewers: ngraham, #plasma, mart

Reviewed By: ngraham, #plasma, mart

Subscribers: plasma-devel

Tags: #plasma

Differential Revision:
parent fcb04768
......@@ -400,6 +400,7 @@ void ShortcutsModel::setShortcuts(const KConfigBase &config)
if (shortcut == component->shortcuts.end()) {
qCWarning(KCMKEYS) << "Ignoring unknown action" << key;
const auto shortcuts = QKeySequence::listFromString(shortcutsGroup.readEntry(key));
shortcut->activeShortcuts = QSet<QKeySequence>(shortcuts.cbegin(), shortcuts.cend());
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